Vendor Relations

ASDA’s Vendor Relations Committee is in charge of organizing and facilitating events sponsored by local dental vendors. It is this committee’s job to develop and maintain relationships with various local dental vendors by introducing students to the many options available in the market today. Some of the events held at MUSoD include the Loupe’s Fair, Vendor Fair and Lunch and Learns. Being a part of this committee is not only important for the students and school to build and maintain good relationships with these vendors, but also to educate both students and faculty on new dental products and processes to enhance their dental experience.


The popular Loupes Fair, Lunch and Learns and Vendor Fair (45 vendors and even more prizes?!) starts right here with our VR team. 

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Loupes Fair

Each year, multiple companies come to share the latest and greatest technology in loupes and lights. Great deals and lots to learn at the loupes fair!


Vendor Fair

Loupes, toothpaste, insurance… oh my! Each year we bridge the gap between dental students and dental organizations by orchestrating the annual vendor fair! At this year’s fair we hosted 47 companies, and included a delicious dinner with abundance of door prizes!

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Lunch and Learns

While ASDA cannot host “vendor sponsored” lunch and learns, we provide others throughout the semester that cover many important topics in dentistry!