spring 2019 newsletter cover.png

Spring 2019

Our Chapter’s Most Recent Newsletter!

fall 2018 newsletter .png

Fall 2018

Incoming classes, new faculty members, and more!

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Annual Session 2018

MU ASDA wins Gold Crown!


Winter 2018

This newsletter brings together some schnazzy authors, talented photographers, and the best editors Milwaukee has to offer! 


Best of the Blog

Brand new in the Spring of 2018, "Best of the Blog" highlights our favorite articles from our newest endeavor to make our updates continuous and accessible. 

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Winter 2017

This issue brings you the popular "Getting to Know Amber May Article" by Arrita Mallory, a take on media's influence on dentistry, and some tips on staying fit in dental school!

Each time we sit in that dental chair we have the chance to offer a listening ear, provide meaningful dental education, and provide care that patients cannot get anywhere else.

So go out there and make your Impression on the world.

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Summer 2016

This issue focuses on the future. Former Content Editor, Stephanie Zbin, challenges you to engage in ASDA and be an active participant in to continue to highlight Marquette ASDA's best attribute, YOU! Articles inside will tell you about cutting edge technology, the implementation of Marquette's EHR (from Tom Wirtz himself!) and where you should definitely go to get the best tapas in town! 


Fall 2015

Here we share with you a letter from 2015 president and president-elect, Pinkesh Shah and Sarah Fodor, which is definitely worth a read. Don't miss our secrets to surviving Wisconsin winters, the Life at Home Article highlighting the Student Spouse Alliance, and 9 Exercises for Better Posture.