Exec team.JPG

Executive board

Immediate Past President: Tyler Robers

President: Jessica Messerschmidt

President-Elect: Sam Miller 

Secretary: Kaitlin Jasper

Treasurer: Jeimy Diaz

Membership Chair: Emily Temple


The Executive Committee is responsible for everything behind the scenes in Marquette ASDA. Whether they are planning general body meetings, helping committees stay on track, recruiting new leadership, budgeting, or planning the annual Marquette ASDA leadership retreat, the EC has a wide variety of responsibilities. This year they took a step back to identify all of the strengths and weaknesses of our chapter. They created goals and initiatives to help all 14 committees work towards a common vision to make Marquette ASDA even better!

A little more about our Executive Committee:

What is one fun fact about you? 

What is your favorite tooth? 

Where is someone likely to find you when you aren’t at MUSoD? 

Sam Miller:

1. I’ve torn my ACL 5 times in 5 years. 

2. Lower first molar. He’s humble, a workhorse, and a grinder. Without him, the whole smile starts to wear down. But he couldn’t do it without some extra support from even the smallest of team members, the distal cusp. 

3. Hanging with my fellow grey scrubs at the library cramming or Real Chili celebrating. My order: Marquette Special with the works. 


Jessica Messerschmidt: 

1. I used to teach kindergarten in Milwaukee. 

2. Maxillary canines because they can really define a person’s smile. 

3. Anodyne Coffee Shop or at a horse stable. 

Kaitlin Jasper: 

1. I went to circus camp when I was a kid and did trapeze. 
2. #28 because I did my first extraction and my first filling on that tooth! 
3. Exploring all the awesome restaurants around Milwaukee. Contact me if you need recommendations. 

Jeimy Diaz Abreu: 

1. I don’t sleep with pillows; they serve as decoration in my bed. 

2. #30 ...that distal cusp is soooo cute 😆
3. Home or at Stone Creek Bayview with Friends. 

Emily Schuler: 

1. I still sleep with my baby blanket. 

2. #30- It looks like a beautiful, blooming flower, but unlike #19, you can sit at a perfect 11 o’clock to prep it 😃

3. Biking on the Oak Leaf Trail.