Community Service

Co-Chairs: Maggie Schlindwein and Binka Von Arx

Associate: AJ Smith


The Community Outreach Committee’s mission is to encourage and facilitate student service in the greater Milwaukee area. We believe service work can be beneficial, rewarding and also fun! There are multiple initiatives to choose from including youth programs to teach health awareness and oral hygiene, opportunities to perform oral health screenings, and several non-dental oriented efforts such as Knitting for the Needy, Summit Tutoring, and Habitat for Humanity.

Our most frequent dental related event is a monthly collaboration with the City on a Hill Health Clinic. Through this program, students provide oral health instruction, answer dental questions and concerns, and distribute complimentary oral hygiene kits to disadvantaged members of the community. A primary responsibility of the student volunteers is directing those in need to the appropriate dental care resources and facilities. This past year we accomplished our goal of dedicating clinic time each month at CDC-North for screening of some of these individuals, and we look forward to continuing to provide free dental care for them this coming year. Our primary clinic-based outreach approach is complimented by a growing number of other service offerings, and we are always eager to hear new ideas on how to better serve our neighbors!


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