We Want You! - Recipe Edition


This is the first in a new recurring blog where we ask you to respond to a survey and then follow up in a few weeks with the answers to your questions and/or your answers to our questions!

Our first “We Want You” blog will be about…. FOOD! Specifically recipes.  Recipes you want, recipes you love, and recipes you think we should all know.

Dental school is BUSY and we often don’t have time to cook for ourselves so we end up eating out or ordering in and creating somewhat unhealthy cycle. BUT, there are some magic people who find ways to eat healthy and cook for themselves! If you’re a magic person with time to cook, please share some of your wisdom with the rest of us and give us some tips on how to create quick and delicious (and possibly healthy) meals at home! If you have no idea what to do in the kitchen, let us know about what you’ve always been curious to make and see what our blog elves can find to help you satisfy your curiosity!

SO – please please please fill out this survey! It only works if you participate with us! Then, keep checking each week to find out when the response blog is posted, AND keep an eye out for the next “We Want You” post! (if you have any ideas/suggestions for a “WWY” blog/survey post it in the comments or Amanda know!)