c/o 2023 Before School To-Do List

Written by Amanda Waddle with contributions from the MUSoD Class of 2022

HELLOOOOO Class of 2023!! Welcome (well… soon) to the world of dental school! As we enjoy this August break before the start of a new school year, the class of 2022 has taken some time to think about the things we haven’t been able to do as much after entering this new, exciting (read time consuming) season of life. While we encourage taking some time to do things that make you happy outside of school in order to keep your sanity, here is a list of things we came up with that we miss doing, and hope you can get done before the first day of classes arrives:

1.     Read for fun

2.     Get your nails done

3.     Get a haircut

4.     Wear heels and get dressed up

5.     Watch the Office

6.     Go hiking… or really go outside at all for that matter

7.     Make it home for family parties

8.     Go grocery shopping on a regular schedule

9.     Weekly cleaning routines

10.  “Self-care Sunday”

11.  Go clothes shopping… or any shopping for fun

12.  Clean or wash your car

13.  Regular dates with significant other

14.  Go to the movies

15.  Sleep in

This is NOT an all inclusive list… nor is it the same for everyone.  It all depends on what you make a priority and how you manage your time. We aren’t trying to scare you away – we’re so excited to meet you! We hope you enjoy these last couple weeks of “freedom” before joining us for long days in the sim lab, and know we’re here to answer any questions you may have.


 Your soon to be D2 buddies

(p.s. if any other students have things to add to the list, put them in the comments!)