Scarlett's Top 5 Favorite Things From National Lobby Day 2019

Written by: Scarlett Young

Scarlett is a D2 who recently traveled to Washington D.C. for the ADA Student and Dentist Lobby Day.

Creating Long-Lasting Friendships and Memories

Throughout my time in ASDA, I am most thankful for the friendships that I have created with people not only at Marquette, but from other dental schools around the country. Not only were we able to work hard at advocating for the dental field together, but we were also able to bond at the various social events held throughout the time we were there.

Our Nation’s Monuments

As this was my first time in Washington DC, I loved having free time to walk around with the other Marquette students and taking in the history and beauty of Washington DC. I am more than excited to return to our nation’s capital soon.

Learning how to make an impact

Going on this trip to Washington DC, I never knew that one voice could make an impact on how to solve a greater issue. I not only was educated on the 3 major topics up for discussion (go check out Turner’s blog post to see what we talked about!!), but also I learned about the legislative processes and how much planning, organization, and passion it takes for lobbying.

Networking with WDA Dentists

It was an amazing experience to become closer with several Wisconsin dentists who have changed their communities, who continue to fight for their patient rights, and for future dental professionals. I’m lucky to have these role models advocating for our profession in our state.


Looking at the big picture

Taking time off of school for this trip was a challenge for everyone involved, with missing clinic, lectures, and preparation time for upcoming finals. However, it’s always re-energizing to be involved in organized dentistry as it reaffirms why I love this profession and how excited I am to be more involved in the future.