My First ASDA Conference - Top 5 Takeaways

Written by: Chelsie Morasko

Chelsie is a D2 and serves as the Practice Management Committee Co-Chair. Continue reading below to read more about her five main takeaways from her first ASDA conference!

My first ASDA conference exceeded all expectations. During the National Leadership Conference (NLC), I had the opportunity to network with dental students from across the country and meet other peers with the same questions, excitement and curiosity I have for different aspects of the dental profession. ASDA is a platform for students to come together to share their ideas and advocate for our future as a dental professional. I had a general awareness of what ASDA represented and its influence before attending the conference. After observing influence of this student association, I was overwhelmed by how much of a difference we can make now, even before we receive our first paycheck as a dental professional.

The ASDA National Leadership Conference breakout sessions are all about giving dental students the tools to create a successful future and providing opportunities to network with other students. Although I was weighed down with the stress of the semester projects and exams, the ASDS National Leadership Conference was exactly what I needed to get recharged and be reminded of why dentistry is the profession for my future.

Upon my return home, I took some time to review my notes and reflect on my experience at my first ASDA Conference, arriving with 5 main takeaways I felt were important to share with the MUSOD student body.

1.     ASDA is there to support you and your future successes.

a.     Utilize the resources that are available to you through the local MUSOD chapter as well as what is available nationally. (Ex: Free Disability Insurance, Lunch and Learn for knowledge sharing, get involved in committees to help the community and build a network)

2.     Network as much as possible with everyone you can. 

a.     ASDA conferences are a perfect platform for networking with others. During the breakout sessions, you meet with other dental students and dentists from across the country to share ideas.

3.     Take care of yourself. The best ‘you’ now, builds your best future later

a.     Life gets busy and demands continually build as you go through life. No matter how busy you get, take some time to take care of yourself. This may include, reading books you enjoy, going on walks, spending time with your family and friends, exercising, or anything else that makes you the person you want to be.  

4.     Get grit

a.     When life puts you down, rise above the challenge and celebrate the path you took to get there. Sometimes it is not easy to do the tasks at hand, but getting through a challenge builds a stronger you. 

5.     Cherish every relationship

a.     Dentistry is all about relationships. Relationships with staff, patients, community, family and friends. Your interactions with these individuals can have a profound impact on your life and practice success. Cherish those around you and learn from each encounter with individuals to grow your network and interpersonal skills.