Humans of MuSOD Extended: Ms. Lynn Bryan

Collaboration, ‘Do Your Best’, and Lifelong Learning are concepts that propel me every day.

Collaborations:  At MUSoD, the periodontal faculty help dental students have a better understanding of what dental hygiene/perio colleagues actually do in a private practice.   What we hope to instill is not ‘just’ an appreciation that the scaling and root planing is harder, more tiring and more technical than it is often dismissed, but an awareness of what the collegial relationship between dentist and dental hygienist can & should be.  It is my hope that, over time, this new-found awareness might help to build collaborative bridges and understanding within the dental-dental hygiene communities.

Do Your Best:  This concept has always present in my life- even before my twenty-five years in Scouting.  But, in dentistry, it is more than ‘just’ do your best.   It’s about doing THE best-in everything you do.         As faculty, we try to gently push, pull, direct, lead, guide and finally, hopefully, sit back and watch as the student develops and refines their clinical and technical skills.  Aiding in the skill development and actually almost seeing the ‘light bulb go on’ is a very satisfying feeling as an instructor.  Here at Marquette we are fortunate to be able to openly dabble in the realms of ethics, personal responsibility and care of society.  Probably my ultimate satisfaction as an educator, however, comes with the awareness that the student has developed their own personal, ‘healing touch’; developed that sense of self that recognizes their personal responsibility in helping to create wellness with those in their care.

Life Long Learning: Every day, each little fact; every student, each chance to recall the information; every patient and opportunity to apply that knowledge bring a renewed excitement in the skill development, collaboration and lifelong learning that occurs in the Marquette University School of Dentistry.  There is never a dull day here @ MUSoD!  And even after many, many (many) years here- I still enjoy everyone!  I sincerely hope that you will too!


LynnAnn B. Bryan, BSDH, MEd

Clinical Professor

Department of Surgical Sciences- Periodontics