5 Things I Learned at the District 7 Retreat

Written by: Scarlett Young

Scarlett is a member of MU ASDA and is the 2018-19 District 7 Pre-Dental Coordinator. She recently traveled to Indiana for the District 7 Retreat. Continue reading below to see what she gained from the retreat!

District 7 Retreat 2018.  Indiana

District 7 Retreat 2018. Indiana


1. Each ASDA Chapter is not alone.

All ASDA Chapters are under an umbrella of leaders that oversee multiple chapters. Therefore, if an ASDA Chapter is encountering a problem, then it is easy to communicate with other chapters in order to seek a solution. Chapter Hot Seats was a time where a delegate from an ASDA Chapter had 2 minutes to explain a problem that they were experiencing that was unique to their chapter and then the other district chapters got the chance to share what worked for them in the past or what they do to help solve. For example, Marquette wants to expand their Pre-Dental program and the other schools shared their input on how they expanded their Pre-Dental membership at their schools!

2. #1 rule for networking: Be Sincere.

Although networking is an excellent tool for new and exciting opportunities, we learned that it is important to be sincere and use this tool to make new friendships and gain positive experiences- never use for personal gain.

3. "It's not about the teeth, it's about the people." -Elliot Humiston

While we are drowned in exams, quizzes, lab work and clinic in dental school, it is sometimes easy to forget why we chose this profession in the first place. At the District 7 Retreat, we were given a refreshing reminder to take a step back and reflect on the reasons why we are pursuing this profession.

4. Working with people who have different ideas and leadership styles than yourself can lead to personal and professional growth.

In order to facilitate teamwork amongst our District 7 group of leaders, we were asked to take a quiz about ourselves in determining what type of leadership style we all possessed. Afterwards, we discussed about how each person is an equal member of the team and how working with other leaders that are different from ourselves can help us improve and become better leaders, and furthermore, better people. (Follow the link below to find out what leadership style you are!)

5. ASDA Fever is spreading!

Attending the District 7 ASDA Retreat was such a eye-opening and fun experience. We have 7 rising D2 students with District positions! ASDA has so many new and exciting plans for the future... are you ready?!