10 Facts About Roopali Kulkarni, 2018-2019 National ASDA President

Written By: Abby Schabel

Abby is a current ASDA member who traveled to Anaheim, CA for Annual Session.

From February 21-24, ASDA held their 2018 Annual Session in Anaheim, California. One of the highlights of this year’s event was electing Roopali Kulkarni 2018-2019 National ASDA President. In order for all of us to get better acquainted with our new leader, here are 10 Things to Know about Roopali Kulkarni:

1. Roopali grew up in Ashburn, VA.

2. Roopali’s name means beautiful.

3. Roopali attends the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and will graduate in 2019.

4. Roopali is pursuing her Master of Public Health degree on top of dental school.

5. Roopali is interested in pursuing an Oral Medicine residency and also wants to pursue dental academia.

6. Roopali has a genuine passion for working with the geriatric population.

7. As ASDA President, Roopali wants to better bridge the connection between national and local and wants to increase awareness about wellness and specifically on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

8. Roopali started dancing before she learned how to talk.

9. Roopali writes her own music, and you can check out her songs on YouTube/SoundCloud/BandCamp.

10. Roopali once ate 9 cups of Snack Pack chocolate pudding in a pudding eating contest.