A Magical First Trip to Annual Session

Written By: Zach Wisniewski

Zach served Marquette ASDA as a 2017-2018 Social Chair

The magic of Disney is something that is difficult to put into words. It isn’t something that you can explain in a conversation or something that you can demonstrate; it is a feeling inside of all us. At a young age, the magic of Disney takes a hold of all our hearts and even as we age, continues to be a part of us. It’s the excitement and giddiness we feel when “I Can Go the Distance” comes on, or the need to belt out “Mister I’ll make a man out of you!” It is an indescribable feeling that when you are at the Disney parks or watching a Disney movie that will make you feel like a child and revert to some of the happiest moments of your life. 

That is why spending my first ASDA Annual Session at Disneyland in Anaheim, California was such a magical experience. The excellent customer service and fine attention to detail left a lasting impression that I will bring with me in my future practice. I am glad to have seen the successes of putting the 'customer first' first hand and think Anaheim was the perfect choice for Annual Session 2018. 

Contact Zach at Zachary.Wisniewski@mu.edu