The Path to Ideal ASDA

Written by: Tyler Robers


Tyler is the 2018-2019 Immediate Past President of Marquette ASDA

On February 23rd, Tanya Sue Maestas announced that my very own chapter, Marquette, was the 2018 Ideal ASDA recipient. I am so proud of our work, of our legacy, and even more of our members!

During my campaign speech for District 7 Trustee, I stated “We started with the goal that we were going to be the best chapter we could be in 2017. If Ideal ASDA was the result of that, then we would be honored and ecstatic. Either way, we were going to continue our legacy as a strong, cohesive, and passionate chapter.” There were many things that went into our success this year; the most important being the people that made this journey possible. I do not know if our recipe will work perfectly for all chapters, but I have compiled 10 tips to honestly, and enthusiastically, tell a story when putting together a Gold Crown application.

  1.  Begin early: We started our application 3 months prior to the deadline. Because of this added time, we were able go through several drafts. Try out more than one idea and brainstorm more effectively.
  2. Keep a record: Starting from annual session 2017 and continuing until January of the following year, we made notes of each of our events. We recorded how many people attended, what worked (and what didn’t!), and tried to keep a record of photographs to avoid a scramble at the end.
  3.  Form a team: Anyone was welcome to join the gold crown application committee that we formed this year. Having a diverse team absolutely played to our favor. Our magazine style application was formatted by our newsletter’s editor-in-chief, our photos were taken by our chapter photographer, and each section was managed by the relevant leaders.
  4. Stick with your strengths: We know that one of our main strengths is our videos (Best use of chapter video for 2 years!), so we put our best foot forward for the application video. Even though this isn’t one of the graded categories, we worked diligently to be sure the video showcased our successful teamwork as well as committee accomplishments.
  5. Keep your social media presence strong: We never stopped posting! Breaks, exam days, and everything in between were covered on social media. With the help of a powerhouse team filled with advocacy experts, financiers, and social media gurus, we made sure Marquette was at the top of your newsfeed.
  6. resentation is everything: Our photos made sense, our fonts were legible, and the story told from beginning to end was an easy to follow, accurate representation of everything Marquette.
  7. Keep proofreading: We asked the entire committee to join us at a round table where we sat down and read every page 2-3 times. Suggestions were made and new drafts were printed. Then, we did it again.
  8. Follow posted guidelines strictly: The first 6 pages of your application are important! This is all you have to impress the committee enough to keep reading. Help them out by arranging the wording in the same order as the categories. Also, be sure to highlight new, improved, and “still strong” events and programs.
  9. Back it up: Every time you state that something is improved you should be telling the committee what is better. Did you have more attendees? More social media engagement? For example, “*IMPROVED* Stache Bash attendance increased from 50 to 100 participants in 2017, a growth of 100%”
  10. Focus on the chapter, not the award: Support your leaders throughout the year by checking in and following through. Incentivize engagement through a chapter app with reward points and surveys. Always remember that people are the strength of your chapter and should be the thing you value most while improving your chapter’s structure, goals, and execution of programming.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate your Chapter successes: from the smallest successes of increasing attendance at an event to winning gold crown awards, all chapter successes should be celebrated. Hold a social for your leaders when you reach your goals or write a personal note recognizing hard work. It’s important to ALWAYS remember to celebrate the people that helped your chapter become the most Ideal it can be.

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