The Who, What, and Why of Our Humans of MUSoD Social Media Features

Written by: Angela Schmidt

Angela is a D2 and our current MU ASDA Social Media and Communications Chair. Continue reading below to find out the behind-the-scenes of Humans of MUSoD!

Who: The new Humans of MUSoD features we have started on the Marquette ASDA Instagram and Facebook pages highlight the Marquette University School of Dentistry faculty and staff that truly are the heart of the school. Not a single member of our community here at Marquette should go without recognition for all the time and commitment they put forward to help keep students afloat in course work, patient care, and keep at least one smile on our faces every day.

What: Modeled by the “Humans of New York”, a photoblog and book created eight years ago by New York photographer Brandon Stanton, the goal of the images of the faculty is to capture them in a place that they could consider their ‘natural habitat’ within the school. In addition to the photo, the featured faculty and staff members are asked to respond to the prompt of who they feel they are within the dental community, as well as the tight-knit Marquette community, and how these communities have impacted their careers.

Why: The overarching aim of this social media campaign that we have started is to highlight and exemplify the people we have here who help create and maintain the family-like atmosphere at Marquette. It allows them the opportunity to express some insight that could potentially affect and influence pre-dentals, current students, alumni, and their peers and colleagues. The dedicated faculty and staff of Marquette push and inspire our students on a day-to-day basis to be top-quality clinicians, give the upmost patient care and dental work, and have the ability to interact and truly empathize with all patients; the Humans of MUSoD feature gives these influencers their well-deserved spotlight.

Humans of MUSoD Instagram post featuring a faculty member.

Humans of MUSoD Instagram post featuring a faculty member.