Catching the ASDA Fever as a D1

Written by: Austin Czarnecki

Austin is a D1 who attended the District Meeting in October. Continue reading below to find out why he’s glad he joined ASDA as a D1!

1. The connections with upperclassmen

Coming in to dental school at MUSoD, you have 99 new people to meet, learn about and become friends with in your class alone. With all these new people to meet, I did not branch out and put my neck out to meet people in other classes very well. Joining ASDA completely changed that for me. Now I know more students from the different classes and I’m able to ask them about any matter, academic or not. Whether it be about an upcoming test/ homework or social activities going on throughout the week, I feel much more connected and in the know at Marquette now.

2. The Social Events

Although I have yet to experience all that ASDA has to offer in terms of social events for fun, the ones I have gone to are always worth the while. ASDA does a great job hosting events to keep your work/life balance more even. From yoga, to the Amazing Dental Race, to interesting lunch and learns, and so much more, ASDA puts on a wide variety of fun events so everyone can get involved.

3. The Committees

ASDA has a bunch of different committees within the overarching ASDA name. They host an event to introduce the new class to all these subcommittees and allow anyone and everyone to join whichever they may want to. For me personally, I was interested in joining the business committee and the social media committee. Since the first year is mainly science and dental didactic courses, I wanted a place to learn more about the business aspect of dentistry and ASDA has a committee just for that. The ability to talk to fellow students with more experience than you, and get advice from them is very valuable to me. The social media committee allowed me to get back into an old hobby of mine of doing photo/video work. I used to be in a video production class in high school, and still had the equipment, so lending a hand taking photos and videos of events or general day to day photos of classmates is something I’ve has a great time getting back in to.

4. The insight

I was lucky enough to be selected to go on the ASDA trip to Ohio this year. I was able to learn things that current dentists see as important that might not necessarily be driven home during dental school. I learn a ton about options after graduating, where the career is going in general, and how other schools lead their students to success. We were able to listen to great speakers from schools, the Ohio Dental Association, and some dentists newly into the field. It gives you insight on your future and gets you excited for what is to come. It has been my favorite memory of my D1 year thus far.

5. The fun!

After two gap years, the transition back to school for me was a little tough. I found myself being stressed a lot and always worried about school. I found myself having no school/fun balance, so I am unbelievably glad I am making the most out of my ASDA membership. Being able to apply myself in academics, socials, and hobbies through ASDA has been the best decision I have made. I can’t wait to continue to experiencing what else ASDA has to offer over the years.

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