Getting to Know MU ASDA's Secretary: Kaitlin Jasper

Written by: Scarlett Young

After attending the District 6/7 Conference in Columbus, Ohio during the third weekend in September, I was given the opportunity to interview Marquette ASDA’s very own Kaitilin Jasper. Not only has she been a constant support system for everyone at Marquette as the Secretary, she has also gone above and beyond as a District 7 Leader. Here’s a look into the life of the marvelous Kaitlin Jasper!

Favorite spot in Milwaukee?

I love to ride my bike along the Hank Aaron Trail. I also love exploring Bayview and all its unique restaurants.

What was your deciding factor on becoming a leader in ASDA?

I decided to become a leader in ASDA because I believe that success in life comes from being a part of something that is greater than myself. When a goal is created by one person, it can be uphill battle to stay motivated to reach that goal along the way. However, when a common goal is shared by a group of people who are motivating each other to reach that goal along the way, I believe this is when the epitome of success can be achieved. When looking for where I could find this greater cause to be a part of in dental school, it was easy to choose ASDA. This organization unifies 24,000 dental students to come together and establish a path for dental students that is engaging, ethical, sustainable, and mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Now that I am a part of ASDA, these ideas have only been strengthened. One experience that has impacted me the most was the opportunity to attend Annual Session this year in Anaheim. Being among 600 passionate students from all across the U.S and voting on policies to represent dental students as a whole, I saw the true capacity for our organization to cause effective change in the lives of dental students and for our dental profession thereafter. For these reasons, ASDA allows me to be a part of something greater than myself that inspires me with each new goal that we achieve as a community.

Worst fad that you participated in?

Omg… goucho pants…lol

Please explain your position as District 7 Chief Staff of Events.

My position as District 7 Chief of Staff- Events focuses on bringing the seven schools in our district together several times throughout the year to increase communication, collaboration, and ASDA fever between schools. This is accomplished by working with my other events team coordinators, Katherine Habbel, Janine Kabir, and Daphne Salazar, to help plan the District 7 Leadership Retreat, social gatherings at ASDA conferences, and our biggest event the District 6/7 Meeting. Our goal is to create a community within our district that allows chapters to feel comfortable sharing ideas about their strengths and to ask for guidance in aspects that are still growing.

What made you decide to become the District 7 Chief Staff of Events?

After serving as our chapter’s Secretary for a year and witnessing our chapter win the Ideal ASDA award at Annual Session, I had more ASDA fever than ever. I knew I was ready to take another step further with my involvement and I thought the District 7 Cabinet would be the perfect opportunity. I sought after the Chief of Staff of Events position specifically because I have event planning experience from my undergraduate career. In addition, I am motivated when I am presented with a new challenge. With 7 unique chapters in our district, I knew there would be different challenges facing each, and I wanted to be a resource for each chapter in helping to overcome these challenges so that we could make our district a strong and united community.

What’s your go to karaoke song?

I love a good throwback to the early 2000’s. I would have to say “Pieces of Me”- Ashlee Simpson

What’s your go-to-coffee order?

I’m actually not a coffee person if you can believe that’s possible in dental school!

What award were you given at the District 6/7 Gold Onlay awards?

Outstanding Contribution to District 7

What was your most memorable ASDA moment of this year?

My favorite ASDA moment this past year was when Marquette won the Ideal ASDA award at Annual Session. Sharing this moment that recognized the past leaders before me, current leaders that surrounded me, and the future leaders after me was an incredible feeling.

Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

Ravenclaw- to embrace my inner Luna Lovegood

While at a leadership conference, what is your best advice for networking?

When it comes to networking at conferences, it’s not about how many people you meet, but rather the meaningful connections you make that will allow you to learn something new and offer something in return. As cliché as it may sound, be genuine, be kind, and be yourself.

What advice can you give other ASDA members when seeking out a leadership position?

If you want to get more involved in ASDA, the opportunities really are endless. One thing I love most about ASDA is that there are so many different avenues you can take in this organization to find what fits best with your skills and interests. My advice would be to first seek out a variety of different committees and events. Once you find an area that motivates you to get more involved, reach out to the current leaders of that committee or an EC member. We love to be resources for anyone looking to find where their piece of the puzzle fits in our organization!

Make sure you say hi to Kaitlin if you see her around!

Kaitlin Jasper, second from the left, at this year’s District 6/7 Meeting

Kaitlin Jasper, second from the left, at this year’s District 6/7 Meeting