Books to check out!

Written By: Jessica Messerschmidt 

Jessica serves as the 2017-2018 President-elect of Marquette ASDA

 One of the best parts of attending the ASDA District Meeting and National Leadership Conference this year were all ideas for resources that I gained.  As an avid reader I have started a collection of must-read books mentioned by speakers and fellow ASDA members at the conferences.  I encourage you to pick one of these up! 

Strengths Finder by Tom Rath – This book includes a code for their online assessment that helps you uncover your talents and how to best use them in your life for success.  If you need extra encouragement to check this book out it is Amazon’s best-selling non-fiction book EVER.

StrengthsQuest by Donald Clifton –  This book is perfect for dental students because it helps you recognize your top 5 natural talents and how to make the most of them specifically as a student.

Who by Goeff Smart and Randy Street – As students leaders many of us are leading teams of people and this book addresses how to best develop a team.  Also, as future leaders of dental offices these skills will be crucial! This NY Times best-seller will help you start thinking about team development today!

Start with Why by Simon Sinek – Good leaders can articulate their passion and why it matters.  This book helps you learn how to articulate your passions and therefore inspire others.

Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney – This book is particularly applicable to Marquette dental students because it follows the success of the Jesuits and the unique formula they use to develop leaders – self-awareness, ingenuity, love and heroism.

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay – A personal favorite, this book weaves together the recent science of twentysomethings with personal stories of twentysomethings themselves.  It is a provocative read that provides ideas for how to make the most of your twenties in terms of your career, relationships, social networks, identity and even your brain.

Happy reading MUSoD!

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