Making the Most of Lecture Presentations

Written by Mari Leistman

Mari serves Marquette ASDA as a 2017-2018 associate of both the Predental Committee and the MU Impressions newsletter.

At the ASDA District meeting in Louisville, attending students had a chance to listen to a wide variety of presentations. Having a journal and a pen on hand was a great way to be able to jot down quick notes regarding information I wanted to look up later, events at other schools that seemed like they could be successful at Marquette, and tips on navigating the field of dentistry after graduation. Had I forgotten my journal, recalling all of the valuable tidbits of information I heard over the course of the weekend would have been difficult. 

The presentations were interesting and full of valuable information, but there were topics that I knew very little about before attending the meeting. Since returning, I have been able to look back at my notes and take some time to research what is happening with licensure issues as well as the extent and power of organized dentistry. Investigating the lecture topics before the meeting may have helped me to engage more with the presentations, but I still gained a lot of knowledge and awareness of the issues that dental students and professionals in the field are currently facing.

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