Millennial Sharing Culture: How the ASDA App Can Fuel Generation Ys Need to Constantly Post on Social Media

Written By: Alyse Gooderham 

Alyse serves as the 2017-2018 Editor-in-Chief of the MU Impressions newsletter. She served as the Design Editor of MU Impressions from fall 2015 - spring 2017.

Instagram loving millennials, social media gurus, and meme fiends rejoice! The ASDA app has a new feature perfect for you. The MU ASDA app supports the posting of photos directly to the App. This feature was designed by President Tyler Robers to be a way for students to share photos with ASDA members, post a video, or even send a funny meme. The intent was to create an exclusive yet casual area to bring ASDA members together. This format would allow students to post to ASDA members without forcing members to post on a public social media outlet. Posts would be only available for ASDA members who downloaded the App and not seen by non-ASDA friends and family. This can keep grandma and your future employer from commenting on things such as photos of you enjoying an adult beverage at the district meeting social or a goofy blooper video of the annual music video. Professionally, ASDA leadership plans to use this feature to increase event awareness, as a part of upcoming programs, or simply create a discussion about new ASDA updates. The Leadership has already started by posting; they posted an Amazing Dental Race clue and other event updates on the photo news feed. The hope is that others may follow their lead by using this feature to post event photos from ASDA members as a way to collect good photos of ASDA members that may not have been taken by the social media or newsletter photographers. However, this feature is not just limited to ASDA business. I and the other ASDA leaders encourage any and all ASDA members to post photos of events, share dental memes, or comment on postings on the App. I hope we see Dr. Longo worthy dental comics you found on Reddit, an amusing picture of someone stuffing their face at lunch club or a candid photo at one of the ASDA trips. I challenge each and every one of you to harness your inner millennial and help create an entertaining, informative and casual MU ASDA app photo news feed.

*To access this feature, click on the more ellipses at the center of the main app screen and open the post photos icon shaped like three head silhouettes.*

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